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Royal Queen

Cees met Royal Queen
Royal Queen
  • Indoor & outdoor
  • 8-9 weeks flowering
  • 75 % Indica / 25% Sativa
  • opbrengst verrassend hoog
  • Regular seeds
Royal Queen

This F1 hybrid originates from a cross between Lucky Queen (F3, 80% Santa Maria x Sudden Death) and Double Fun. Royal Queen is a strong plant with an impressive physique, sprouting lots of branches, making it an ideal plant for taking cuttings. She grows fast and with great hybrid vigour and is a generous producer, both quantity and quality wise. Although it can be grown outdoors with great results in warmer climates, Royal Queen is essentially an indoor variety.

Considering it's a mostly indica variety the effect is surprisingly uplifting and more on par with sativa dominant strains thanks to the Santa Maria genes. The typical lemon taste of Double Fun was lost in the breeding process, but the classic indica taste is still well preserved. A purely magical plant!

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