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No Mercy Seeds is a biological garden supply company with a unique line of self-developed products. This accomplishment was a dream come true for Cees Hendriks, who has more than 42 years of growing experience under his belt. Cees is a freak who lives and breathes the plant, and has always strived to get back to basics: mother nature. He has tried to get that message across to as many garden lovers as possible. Some of the nicknames various magazines have given him are Mr XX, Grow Professor, Grand Master of Horticulture and SpeesCees.

If you have any wishes or questions regarding gardening issues, please don't hesitate to let us know. The No Mercy Seeds team is always ready to assist you to the best of our knowledge and capability.  

Take your time and surf through the rest of our site. You will be surprised at the many services No Mercy Seeds can provide.
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